use a face serum what's the point? At what age? for whom?


Imagine a flower pot, when the earth is dry or the plant drank all the nutrients, it may be put water it no longer penetrates and the plant dies.

Your day care is this water. At times it is no longer enough to maintain your skin.

The skin is cardboard, or marks, or does not seem hydrated.

It's time to do a cure… a serum

It is a fluid that sneaks where it takes in record time, repairs, extremely rich in powerful assets.

It can be hydration enhancer, repairer, soothing, … everyone has their own priorities.

The first to appear on the market was Estée Lauder's Advanced NightRepair in 1982.

Since then it is revisited regularly and each brand has one or more.


The serum can be applied at any age, targeting precisely the desired effect: moisturizing for 20 to 30 years and then following the problem.

We choose an action to work to select the one that will be adapted to us.

I recommend testing the texture before acquiring the definitive serum because some are sticky, or with rather "special" smells.

Remember that the most expensive is by no means the best performing and that what suits your neighbour may not be right for you.

Take a sensitivity test at the palm of your wrist because you can react to it.

And gentlemen: you too are thinking about discovering the light and effective textures of face serums!


Our must-haves, with their tests to read:Advanced Night Repair ESTEE LAUDERMy Aness Milk SO BIO Hydration Booster Serumbooster vitamin C NOVExpert serumchanel hydra beauty micro serum

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