Gentlemen, what if you changed perfume? 4 proposals for toilet water and perfume water man

You have been wearing the same unique male fragrance for years, from a purchase that has become mechanical or an automated gift from your entourage. It's human, because changing means taking a risk. As you I love my morning moment in known universe, this spray of Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum that follows me since I wa
s 16 years old. Spring may be the perfect time to dare a new man perfume.

Perfume water / toilet water: what's the difference?

The name eau de toilette or eau de parfum depends on the concentration, i.e. the percentage of perfume or perfume oil in the composition. While toilet water contains 5 to 9% perfume, perfume water is more concentrated and contains 8 to 14%. As a result, perfume water lasts longer and has a more intense scent.

Dare to change perfume

I turned to the e-shop of oia perfumes to place this man toilet water order, as much pay as low as possible. And then I know them: they take care to pack cleanly, with tissue paper and many surprise discoveries.

Here are my proposals, for you according to your fragrant desires.

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do you want freshness with a touch of personality?

o L'Eau Kenzo for Men,
Fresh Aquatic Notes enhanced by dynamic citrus Yuzu. Evolutio
n to the smells of lotus leaves, frostmisted mint and hot cedar. Green pepp
er and rosewood complete the set. A light fragra
nce, suitable for the frame as well as the sport

l water by kenzo perfume man

Fancy woody scent and spicy citrus?

Issey Miya
ke Issey manYuzu w
ater, tangerine, basil give a freshness full of peps from the start. Followed by white woods and warm woods (cedar, vetiver and sandalwood) that wake up on your skin. Nutmeg and cinnamon persist and give you a man image about him. The s
mells are subtle, without extreme force, in harmony.

perfume man issey miyake water issey

Do you like your Italian roots and the world of the South?

i Acqua Di Gio Essenz
aAsy you will detect notes Bergamot of Calabria, Cedar of the Atlas, Vetiver of Haiti. Timeless italian men's perfumery.Modern fra
grance composed of Cascalone and Paradisone, notes recently designed in the laboratory. This makes it a unique fragrance, without resemblance.
Its high concentration earned it the name "essenza". Bro
wn, warm, fresh and assertive fragrance.

acqua di gio essenza perfume armani man

Do you like to be noticed and remembered?


Wanted toilet water Azzaro

Soaring Lemon, Ginger, Lavender and Mint at the first spra
y. Then on al skin birth notes of Cardamom of Guatemala, Juniper, Apple and Geraniu
m.Then comes a rippling that will follow you all day, a wake that we notice: Vétiver of Haiti, Tonka Bean and Amberwo
od.No doubt, women will approach you with a "you wear what?". It's up to you to do the rest.

azzaro wanted perfume man

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These proposals for a change of perfume will allow you to dare to take the plunge, with little risk since here they are not niche perfumes, but consumer perfumes.

It is then up to you to go further if you wish with other attempts off the trail.

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