Clinic Turnaround Daytime and Turnaround Overnight, a moisturizing and revitalizing duo?

Cuckoo is Elisa from the blog reviews beauty geribook, this time I tested 2 cosmetics of the brand Clinique:
a day care and night cream from the Turnaround range with mild salicylic acid.
In the Clinique range here is a duo of creams that will delight the dull skins, tired of the surrounding aggressions. This combination brings a real balance and a big boost to your face, which is what I found after a few weeks of testing.

clinical review turnaround face care night overnight

Clinique Daytime Turnaround, is the day care moisturizing shine effective?

This day care is very light and does not grease the skin at all. Its texture is very pleasant and it is slightly pearly which illuminates the complexion instantly, enough to start the day in style.
Light cream provides substantial hydration without a greasy sensation.
It brings a range of beneficial ingredients and leaves the skin with a soft and luminous glow (micronized optical diffusers).

This cream regulates the production of sebum and unifies the complexion. Excellent protective film for the day and good makeup base.

cosmetic test face turnaround clinic overnight care

What's your opinion on Turnaround Overnight, the revitalizing glow moisturizer night cream?

Turnaround Night delivers the infusion of energy the skin needs to optimize nocturnal renewal and gently cleanses dull areas of weather and sun damage. Cosmetic without perfume, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
The Turnaround Overnight revitalizing moisturizer has a creamy, light texture that provides surprisingly substantial hydration without feeling thick or textured.

After a long day what a pleasure to remove makeup, wash your face, and finally apply this moisturizing treatment at night. For the exfoliating part claimed by the product I am skeptical when the effect of its 0.5% salicylic acid despite a ph of 5.3 acid, but for the cellular regeneration part I confirm!
Its numerous antioxidants (Arginine, Millepertuis Extract, Barley, Castanea sativa seed extract extract, cucumber extract, yeast, rosemary, trehalosis) have a good effect on my skin.
In combination with a good night's sleep, the skin appears noticeably brighter and clearly nourished and hydrated. A good look guaranteed. It can be used for all skin types, in the evening only.
To keep the benevolent effects of the night, in the morning I simply spray thermal water on the face to refresh and clean with a soft cotton, and I follow up with the day cream: perfect!


Makeup: Lip Clinic

In this winter period we easily have dehydrated and uncomfortable lips but here, what to choose between: put on lipstick or hydrate with a simple stick. So here are two clinical solutions that I liked:

For winter: Chubby stick clinic
This is a dyed moisturizing lip balm that provides hydration and intense color, its shine also brings a luscious effect. The outfit is not the appointment but it is very practical and quickly became the essential in the handbag.

For warmer days: Pop Clinic
It also nourishes the lips and is very pleasant. The colors really fit with a semi-mat finish that sublimates your lips. All that remains is to choose the color that will suit you best among the 24 Pops on offer.

And you, tell us what you thought! Who uses it with the Basic 3 Clinical Time?

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