what review on basic 3 time dry skin clinic and reviews on Curaspot acne pimples?

Here's a test I couldn't wait to start:

Clinic's Basic 3-Stroke Initiation Kit

and my acne treatment Curaspot

What for?  Because Clinique is THE brand still famous after almost 50 years! And also because other co-editors of this blog adopted it many years ago without leaving it (read the review of Little Elicec)

A little bit of beauty culture never hurts: She was born in 1968 in the United States. To the question "Can Great Skin be created?" (interwiew Vogue 1967) dermatologist Normam Orentreich replies in the affirmative. The following year the Basic 3 times thus comes out of its cabinet, and with it the promise of a sanitized and hydrated skin. An apparition that will mark his time, proposing for the first time a system of care very simple, fast, effective and accessible to all women.

Products tested and developed by specialists. Thanks to this Clinical care system, it was rapidly becoming a huge success around the world, rising to the top of the world in many countries.

Come on, here are my feedback on this Basic 3 Time initiation kit, type 2 dry skin (my skin is dry and sometimes sensitive)

Beware the Basic 3 Clinical Time protocol is not the same for everyone: the brand has declined the three flagship products of the ritual to be able to correspond to all skin types. Choose the right product for your skin.

Lucky I have both dry skin … and adult acne!!


The products are presented in a silver kit and a lot of care is taken at the presentation. Clinique has partnered with October Rose Against Breast Cancer: 1 pine pink ribbons embellishes the kit to remind us that this cause is important.

Inside: The Basic 3 Kit Time for about 2 weeks of care: A Liquid Soap (30 ml), a Clarifiante Lotion New Formula (30 ml), a Moisturizing Emulsion So Different (15 ml). Sold for 12-50.

I also decided to try at the same time:

  • A Day Cream, superdefense SPF 20, daily defense moisturizer
  • A moisturizing balm gloss
  • my localized Benzoyl Peroxide treatment.

Little favorite for the colors of the bottles: Pastel tones, very soft that I like very much.


The Promise

Three products to use one after the other: "Everything you need to have flawless skin. It takes only morning and evening to get smooth, clean and glowing skin after about two weeks. I like the idea of the daily beauty ritual and the complementarity of the products. That's reassuring.

So these are three actions in three stages:

  • Clean
  • Clarify
  • Moisturize


  • 1/ Mild liquid face soap: First thing important to me, there is no smell and that's all the better. You know my phobia of synthetic perfumes… The soap foams well on contact with water and is very easy to rinse. Once dry my skin is all fresh and the pleasant feeling of cleanliness is felt immediately.
  • 2/ The clarifying lotion type 2: Here I confess that I was skeptical. Sounds a little aggressive, doesn't it? "WARNING: flammable product. For external use only. Do not apply close to the eyes" Oh yes I understand better with the surprising smell of alcohol. Well, finally we get used to it pretty quickly! This lotion allows you to exfoliate gently. I applied the advice to the letter: Don't rub your skin with lotion cotton! we just dab it gently! suddenly my skin yet easily sensitive to everything, to support this lotion very well.
  • 3/ The Moisturizing emulsion So Different: An INDISPENSABLE step to restore the skin to its full comfort after the lotion, this emulsion reformes the surface film of the skin, in a balanced way. 100% perfume-free also, penetrates quickly and above all is not oily. Feeling fresh enough cool! Also known as DDML by followers.


I am very satisfied with these three products:

  • A very simple and fast beauty ritual, exactly what I need: LESS IS MORE
  • My skin is much more hydrated and has become more flexible.
  • My complexion is less dull than usual if I rely on my colleague's remark "You look good so!"

My disappointment?

The price (count 75 for the large care box) …

Personally, I will only settle for a three-week treatment twice a year with the medium initiation kit at 36.

Mouiiiii, I'll tell Santa, you never know!!

Acne Treatment Curaspot 5% Acne Treatment


I don't think I did things halfway! I applied it immediately after the basic three-stroke, in the morning …

I wonder if I should have used it once the cure is finished as a classic day cream.

As a result, its effectiveness did not jump to my eyes since the Basic 3 Time had already been there and had done its job well!
So, second test, second chance: I used it for a week alone and: I like!

  • Its non-smell! 100% fragrance-free and subjected to allergy tests.
  • Its silky and non-greasy texture, a beautiful experience that I recommend
  • Its real moisturizing power

Chubby Stick Lip Balm Moisturizing 


To be honest I'm not a fan of gloss:

I am sure you have already encountered the same problem. If you have hair loose, you can be sure to have hair sticking to it! And then Sir refuses to kiss me with …

What makes the difference for this moisturizing balm is that it does not dry the lips and it's already not bad!


a big favorite for the basic 3 time that wins to be known!

Clarence from the beauty blog Geribook

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