NOVEXPERT hydro biotic soft scrub face lips

Make way for the novelty of a laboratory that I like: Novexpert. That says scrub often says grains that rub hard vote skin, but not with hydro biotic soft scrub. Indeed this face and lips scrub and Not drying – non-irritating – non-foaming.
With it you use 3 sizes of exfoliating agents without realizing it, thanks to a creamy cocooning texture.

By the way this Novexpert gentle scrub will energize your microbiotic flora with targeted pro and pre-biotics feed. Simply put: all living things to vote planet skin are preserved and the right elements encouraged.

What composition does this sweet scrub novexpert?

DOUX GOMMAGE ACTIFS: exfoliation – polishing – massage damper
Bamboo powder (micro and macro-soft exfoliation)
Jojoba (micro and macro-soft polishing)
Jojoba (massage shock)


Vegetable glycerin
Sunflower oil (omegas 6 – 9)

OTHER ACTIFS: Regulation of skin flora and antioxidant effect
Probiotics – prebiotics
Vitamin E
No decried preservatives, healthy composition.

notice beaute test novexpert mist scrub

Then? this test of the hydro biotic softness scrub? What's the opinion?

The texture is highly addictive, with a feeling of taking care of oneself.
Between enzymatic scrub and exfoliating grain scrub, a cosmetic that will appeal to sensitive skin as well as mixed or oily skin. Its softness avoids the gear of overproduction of sebum, since the skin is respected.
Use twice a week, rinsing. Then dry with a clean cotton towel, without rubbing.

Habit to take to continue the soothing of your skin:
burn a floral water or the mist magnesium Novexpert specific sensitive skin. After 15 seconds tap vote cotton towel.
This gesture will temper the ph of your skin, help to keep a balance.
Finish with your usual moisturizing treatment.

Tip: even oily skin needs a moisturizer!

Besides novexpert's magnesium mist is a good cosmetic:

it soothes after shaving your man, it helps after a mask to maintain the water level of your skin, it is also anti pollution and anti-oxidant.

As always, Novexpert offers cosmetics with a rich and effective composition. bravo!

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