my ESTEE LAUDER multi-action soft exfoliating lotion perfectly clean

I say "my lotion" because this one I do not let go, I buy it often and I come back. You will discover what makes this lotion different with this beauty test of the perfectly clean estée lauder lotion.

For starters, the basic: how and when to use face lotion?

The lotion is used on a cotton pad and takes place on the face and neck.
This is an intermediate step between cleaning and moisturizing.
At first you removed make-up, pollution, dirt (make-up remover oil, foaming gel, cleansing cream or micellar water).
In the second part you pass a lotion on the skin in order to regain balance and start to bring moisturizers, anti oxidants etc.
In the third you apply your cream, your moisturizer or your anti-wrinkle treatment.

Once the lotion has passed over the face and neck, wait 30 seconds for it to act and penetrate, before applying your cream day or night.

estee lauder face tonic lotion

What does Estée Lauder multi-action tonic lotion bring to the skin?

This lotion provides almost 10% moisturizing glycerin or as much as your day cream: this vegetable glycerin will force the water to stay in your skin.
Two algae will soothe skin stress and irritation.
The bamboo extract exfoliates gently.
Hamamelis water helps close the spores and tones the skin.
The Milk Thistle protects the small vessels from the skin.
Other extracts of ferments and several yeasts pro and pre biotics rejuvenate the skin: the skin draws its balance in terms of good bacteria, good enzymes, these agents help to maintain or create an ideal living space balanced "microbiome".

This lotion is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It is very little fragrant and has a low dose of alcohol (Avoid the eye area).

The perfectly clean face lotion has therefore the actions of: moisturize, exfoliate, soothe, rebalance, protect, eliminate makeup residues and pollution.
review lotion estee lauder perfectly clean

It can be used by men after shaving to avoid apparent redness and vessels.
It can be used to be the Sunday scrub and mask.
It is suitable for sensitive skin, mixed, normal or oily skin: it respects all skins and its ferments only act if the skin needs it.

I point out that this is a usual purchase for me, neither the brand nor any shop has provided me with this cosmetic.

This Estée Lauder lotion is perfect, it balances and softens my skin. The skin grain is hydrated and refined day after day.
It relieves the irritations responsible for premature aging of the skin.
My skin is perfectly prepared for serums and creams.

A flawless cosmetic, just perfect to adopt urgently!

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