Tips for taking care of mixed skin with efficiency and softness

How to take care of your mixed skin when it is unstable? This little specific is both oily with a bright tendency in places and dry or uncomfortable on other areas of the face.
Mixed skin has an excess of sebum on the "T" area of the face (front, nose, chin). Your complexion is irregular and pores are visible in some places. The rest of the face pulls after cleaning or make-up removal and has a dry appearance and/or lacks hydration. The temples and cheeks are uncomfortable if you don't take any care.
We cannot change the type of our skin; but to compensate for some imbalances, it is necessary to use appropriate care.

A complicated skin to manage but with our cosmetic tips and recommendations everything will be better.

How do you choose your cosmetics for mixed skin?

  1. Adopt cosmetics with the words "non-comedogenic" i.e. that does not clog the skin
  2. Avoid all treatments with alcohol, it strips but it forces your skin to produce tones of sebum (fat)
  3. No cleaning products too astringent, on the contrary take soft or soothing cleansers
  4. Avoid rubbing your face with linens or cottons: gentle gestures and patting.
  5. Hydrate your body by drinking 2 litres of water a day and moisturize your skin with a highly hydrating treatment (not oily skin care or acne treatment).
  6. Try a Vitamin C serum or fruit acid cure in the fall (never in the sun)

The issue of silicones: some silicones bring a pleasant texture and are non-comedogenic, especially at Estée Lauder / Clinique / Origins / BareMinerals / Melvita / LeaNature. Others are occlusive, often in low-priced brands, but also in more expensive treatments. Our blog deciphers for you the composition of cosmetics and tells you if there is a risk during our tests.

How to cleanse your mixed skin with softness and efficiency?

  1. Systematically remove your make-up every night so you don't sleep with a nest of bacteria, dried sebum and pollutants. With a make-up remover oil or milk followed by lotion or a gentle cleansing gel that respects the balance of the skin.
  2. In the morning you don't need to clean yourself with soapy water and gel, floral water is enough or even micellar water.
  3. The scrubs are to be limited to 1 or 2 times a month maximum, if possible an enzymatic scrub without grain or a grain scrub that is massaged in circular gestures without insisting (we do not strip a door! we cleans his skin!)

The mixed skin cleansers recommended by the beauty blog geribook:

  • BIODERMA Crealine make-up remover cleansing water with moisturizing botanical sugars, micelles that capture impurities and dirt, soothing active ingredients.
  • DARPHIN milk and Intral lotion rich in active chamomile and plants
  • ESTEE LAUDER Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleansing Foam/Purifying Mask
  • REN Evercalm™ Sweet Cleansing Gel with bitter orange floral water, amino acids, botanical cellular protectors
  • ORIGINS Checks and Balances™ Facial Cleansing Foam, dense foam texture and intense moisturizing active ingredients, lavender floral water and plant actives
  • LEA NATURE So Organic Etic micellar water both organic and rich do plants, plus sold in supermarket
  • AVENE Fluid Makeup Remover 3 in 1: Milky cream that eliminates makeup, sebum and maintains balance.

There are others, but these have been really tested by this blog and have convinced us.

Cosmetics suitable for mixed skin, both for oily areas and oily or dehydrated areas:

  • HYDRAFLORE delicate cream sensitive skin mixed to oil, light emulsion with rapid penetration, organic composition at 98% natural. VA soothe glands that produce too much sebum, soothe areas in need of water or lipids. Your skin will regain its balance more easily. Leaves no greasy film and helps the mattifying powder to hold. Suitable for women and men. Composition validated 100% by this blog! Apply 1 pump.
  • PURE fresh moisturizing cream B28, with mattifying organic silica and only skin-compatible ingredients. Hydrates the entire face (even the oily area in need of hydration) and regulates sebum production where necessary. Apply 1 pump or 2.
  • BARE MINERALS smart combination smoothing lightweight emulsion, a lightweight emulsion with minerals and long-lasting moisturizers. Extra light and invisible texture. Suitable for men, too. Apply 3 pumps.
  • ESTEE LAUDER DayWear Matte gel moisturizer mattifying and anti oxidant. The freshest of all these treatments, with a scent of cucumber water (it does contain) and an effective anti-shine effect a few hours. Diffuse hydration continuously throughout the day, rich do extracts from active plants. Includes some high-quality silicones, non-comedogenic and safe for the skin. Hyppoallergenic.
  • CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended, Gel-Cream long-lasting hydration diffuser, with Aloe Vera sap as the main asset combined with botanical hyaluronic acid, hydration retention sugars and other targeted active ingredients. Used in day care, at night, as a mask, after shaving, after sun… it's useful for everything.
Cosmetic face anti shine and mixed skin care: the best beauty blog geribook
Cosmetic face anti shine and mixed skin care: the best beauty blog geribook

How can we stop shining from the face?

Don't shine for 72 hours? LOL the disproportionate promises of some brands.
whatever the cosmetic, cream or cream gel the anti-shine effect will never last all day. Indeed if you eat your skin immediately produces sebum and shines, if your hormones regulate it is the same, if the temperature changes skin reaction …

summa / Pixabay

What works is to use a free powder (without silicone or oil), a mineral powder a few minutes after moisturizing your face in the morning.
With touch-ups at noon or during the day. Personally I carry a brush with refill of powder in its handle, super convenient.
Asians are adept at matifying papers with rice talc or silica, you can adopt this gesture.

Adopt these new gestures over 3 months to see your skin change, regulate itself. Don't imagine getting a result in 1 week! it's a marketing lie: the skin renews itself every 28 days you the real benefits are then felt only.

For a few months avoid the Teint Fond because it is a chemical cocktail of oil, heavy silicones, irritants, powerful preservatives… your skin needs to rebalance, help there. And then a good mineral powder should suffice on a suitable moisturizer.


Always listening to you to adapt our cosmetic essays and the topics covered: contact us or leave a comment. Always a pleasure to read you.

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