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Elastoplast wound and scar kit

Now is the time when we will take out the shorts and lighter outfits, the season when our body is more discovered to enjoy the sun and nature walks.
A cut, hair removal/shave wound or scratch quickly arrived and can easily leave not very aesthetic scars on the legs that can sometimes be a source of complexities.
I have graciously received the new ELASTOPLAST wounds and scars kit and I share this novelty with you.

These 3 products will make it possible to heal the daily bobos properly in 3 easy steps.

Thanks to this routine, healing is twice as fast as an untreated wound and the nasty scars, visible for months, disappear.

Also useful for shaving cuts in men and women.

New elastoplast scar wound kit: 3 steps for less visible wounds and scars.
New elastoplast scar wound kit: 3 steps for less visible wounds and scars.

How do I clean a small wound or wound?

1. Clean: A clean, disinfected wound is the first step to optimal healing. The Elastoplast Wound Spray prevents infections by gently cleaning the wounds of dirt, germs and bacteria.
This spray delivers a mixture of 0.1% Decyl Glucoside Tenside and 0.04% Polyhexanide (PHMB) in Ringer liquid.
The spray pschitt makes it easier to remove small impurities without pain: Spray at a distance of about 10 cm all over the wound to remove any impurities and visible particles.
Repeat if necessary.
This disinfectant spray is kept for 6 months.

Gently dry the wound and the area around it.
The bandages glued or encrusted on the wound can be moistened with the spray to make it easier to remove.

How to protect the skin with a cut or small sore?

2. Protect: After disinfecting the wound or scratch and smearing it with a healing ointment, it is essential to protect it from external aggression and clothing friction. It should therefore be covered with an Elastoplast dressing to allow for proper healing.
Apply the dressing without stretching it and avoid forming creases.
Ideal protection for washing, showering or bathing and swimming
Non-sticky compress that protects the wound and cushions shocks
Transparent, thin and flexible it is easy to position and remove.

How can I help heal quickly and well?

3. Healing: In order to help the skin heal faster and easier and reduce the risk of scarring, it is recommended to create a moist environment to promote healing. The Elastoplast Scarring Pommade can create these conditions.
Without odour, dye, preservative or animal substance this ointment is composed of: White Petrolian, Paraffin Oil, Ceresin, Glycerol, Panthenol, Glyceryl Stearate.
Panthenol soothes and helps to heal.

The composition is not natural, but is consistent with products used in hospitals.
Gently apply the healing ointment in a thin layer once or twice a day. Ensure that the tube does not come into direct contact with the wound.

Repeat regularly until completely healed.

The massage helps to heal without trace.

You can buy these 3 steps separately or choose the limited edition kit for this summer, a handy kit to take away!

elastoplast skin scar scar kit
elastoplast1 skin scar scar kit
Please note that the above advice is no substitute for medical advice. Read the instructions on the products carefully.
Important: If you have any doubts about the treatment of your wound, consult a health professional (doctor, pharmacist): If extensive wounds with large exudate or signs of infection, if there are burns, redness, swelling or pain in the wound, if your condition does not improve or if the healing process does not begin after several days , see your doctor immediately.
If you notice any side effects, consult a health care professional or contact the manufacturer.

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