What's your opinion on Luxeol? hair cure grows growth fortification

Find out my opinion on the dietary supplement: Leuxéol cure grows growth fortification. Learn how much hair grows, how to help with this hair growth and other tricks for a fit hair.

How many cm do the hair grow?

Your hair grows differently from mine and your best friend's.
Indeed, the rate at which the bulb in the scalp produces the hair depends on your genetics (your majority ethnicity in DNA), your diet, the environment and emotional shocks. For e

xample, in a Caucasian person, hair grows by an average of 1 cm/month, for an African/afro type of 0.7 cm/month and for an Asian type, by 1.5 cm/mon
th. Each time with a specific hair structure (thickness, flexibility, shine, etc

.). Simply put, remember that a hair grows about 1cm each month.

How to help hair growth? stimulate hair growth and fortification?

  • Reduce the causes of stress. For example, relearning to breathe, with yoga or sophrology. Because stress disturbs our skin and hair. Moreover, an emotional shock can be the cause of massive or localized hair loss.
  • Reduce ultra-processed foods, dishes already prepared that provide very little nutrients. Introduce food as nature proposes it (a real piece of chicken rather than nuggets, vegetables rather than a vegetable "steak" stuffed with additives).
  • Make a special hair dietary supplement cure. Wait at least 3 months to see any result.
  • Consult a dermatologist in case of unusual inconvenience: sudden hair loss, scratching scalp etc … and avoid the "HOME DIY recipe" of youtoubeuses/bloggers.
    I talk about it because when I read the recommendation of coconut oil in massage on the scalp … while it is a heavy oil, comedogenic, which smothers the bulb of the hair … it's natural but not recommended to all.
what opinion leuxol cure hair growth growth
what opinion leuxol cure hair growth growth

What opinion on Luxeol hair cure grows growth fortification?

I received a free box of 30 capsules of Luxéol and Hivency, in exchange for my honest and argu

ed opinion. Luxéol is a specific hair brand, it is their specialty to help with hair growth, slow down hair loss or beautify hair. Their cosmetics, dietary supplements, hair oils and anti-fall spray are made in France for great safety. D

ietary supplement capsules won't solve anything if you eat unbalanced or if your lifestyle is not healthy.
It is not a "miracle" but food aid.

  • The Luxéol hair cure brings an extract from aerial parts of Roquette, known to stimulate the hair bulb (where the hair is made). This "wake-up call" contributes to a better hair growth.
  • Luxéol capsules brings fields, remineralizing remineralizing for its richness in silica, iron and selenium. This plant helps to strengthen nails and hair.
  • Copper helps with a harmonious hair color.
  • Vitamin B8 or biotin is involved in the renewal of skin and hair cells.
  • Selenium is a major anti-oxidant, to counter oxidative stress.
  • Zinc improves skin and hair, regulating sebum production.
beautiful hair cure grows luxeol plants mineral vitamins
beautiful hair cure grows luxeol plants mineral vitamins

On this composition I find the contributions very complementary and synergistic, to help the birth of beautiful

hair. I regret the very small real amount of vitamin B6 and B8 which represent only 30% of daily needs, just like the small 3mg of Zinc.I

appreciate the real presence of Rocket and Prêle, which will really help the shoot (Roquette), growth (Vitamines and Minerals) and fortification (like a Silice cure

)I have only tried this cure 2 weeks , having not purchased an additional box. So I do not know if the effectiveness of this cure is real or ave

rage. I think combining this Leuxéol cure with beer yeast is a good idea for its intake of amino acids and mineral

s. I invite you to read my article on Luxéol hair removal spray also. If yo

u have tried, testify in comment . Jeff c

reator of the cosmetic blog Geribook

More information on Luxéol's official website: http://bit.ly/2Lme8CN

Luxéol Hair: Push, Growth and Fortification Value: 19.90 – M

oreover, the Luxéol team offers you 10% discount on your order with the code NEW10

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