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Change of season, change of routine, change of type of cosmetics.
We placed an online beauty order on a parapharmacy, to vary from organic brands and luxury brands from corner shop specialized. This passage to autumn is an opportunity for you, as for us, to adapt his daily care: temperatures will drop, your skin will be subject to sudden changes between the air of the subway or the office and the outside air. Voting skin will be less exposed to UV, but exposed to specific pollutants and aggressions.
The beauty blog men and woman geribook offers its product list, with a selection of women and a selection of men bought from the 750 brands offered on NewPharma.frYou go and see what works and what is less obvious.

care opinion darphin creme galenic

First important act of any woman and man: wash her face. First to eliminate accumulated pollution, then for women to remove makeup. Well-cleaned skin breathes better and is better able to absorb the active ingredients of your care.
Cleaning doesn't mean stripping it. The skin is a living world to respect called "microbiome".
Choose a cleanser rich in moisturizers, soft and if possible without strong fragrance.

We chose VICHY moisturizing foaming cream from the Purity Thermal Sensitive Skin range.
First for its very short list of ingredients, then by the absence of a preservative at risk.
It is a cream with little smell, rich in moisturizing glycerin and Moringa butter.
It fights the limestone of tap water with an acidic ph like our skin.
This cleanser is roughly effective and leaves a clean and soft skin at the same time.
Men can adopt it without complex.

In terms of care, autumn is the perfect time to act: no intense cold and less UV, so the skin can focus on the active ingredients of your face cream.

In sensory day care for women we tried GALENIC Secret of Exellence La Crème.
Rich in emollients (flexibility of your skin) and skin comfort agents, this treatment will help your face relax its features and win only bounces.
Shea butter renews the skin.
The white gold crystals are infused into the heart of your skin, to block the time that passes through the cells.
After testing, the velvet texture of this treatment is extremely pleasant, the temporary smoothing effect too: the silicones of the formula are a big part of it.
Hydration will only be suitable for normal/dry or slightly dehydrated skin. A treatment for thirtysomethings who already want to fight wrinkles or hide their fine lines.
It is a "pretty skin" treatment that will delude the time of day, with a pleasure to apply it because highly sensory.

For more damaged skin (dry skin, mature skin, over 40 years) the beauty blog recommends DARPHIN cream anti wrinkles densifier PREDERMINE.
The amount of pure active ingredients is much higher, especially plant butters so effective against the signs of ageing.
The fragrance is a bit "old lady" for my taste, but the texture is beautiful and the effectiveness real.
Highly dosed does pure extract of Iris: free anti-radical, supports the self-regulating forces of the skin, preserves its natural balance and gives shine (luminosity).
Its soy protein stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin and podina pavonica extract (marine algae) stimulates the natural synthesis of glucosaminoglycans.
Its extract of rice and iris acid gently exfoliate the skin on a daily basis.
Don't leave greasy film on the skin. Economical because used in small quantities, the texture is perfect.
We found that this DARPHIN treatment restores long-term hydration and elasticity. This face cream helps repair damaged areas of the neck and face.

Let's move on to the men: we chose a cosmetic day and night, only one pot to have in his toiletry kit. A manly manly man facial care pot, with dark steel colors. The jar is covered with anti-slip gum.
LIERAC MAN firmness lift consenced remusclating anti double chin.
It is a male facial to adopt from the age of 40, when you see that the neck is aloof at the chin.
To be used in prevention but also in action, in the form of a cure: a whole pot each autumn.
Disappointed by its texture: extremely liquid for a potted treatment!
The advantage por you will be a quick penetration, without having to massage and the natural skin sensation.
Its oat extract tightens the surface, is rich in antioxidants and helps with healing (micro shaving cuts).
At the end of the list of composition we note: Glaucine, Vectors accelerators of collagen III, rye extracts, Skinpower, moisturizers, cactus extracts.
Zinc gluconate helps not to shine.
The rest of the composition mainly brings to the texture. The level of hydration is light, this man-made treatment is not suitable for dry skin or dehydrated skin. It will be enough for most men.
I didn't notice any effect on my nascent double chin and this treatment is not really suitable for my dry and dehydrated skin, I expected more comfort. I really liked the eye contour of LIERAC MAN.
I passed it to Patrice who also tests on this blog: for his skin "normal" he found the texture close to a lotion after shaving, too liquid. He is not convinced either by this male facial.

Let's finish with the shower, with an amazing DETOX proposal: BODYSOL Dermo Protection Shower Shower Detox green tea.
An all green shower gel with the real smell of green tea (it contains in large quantities), without MIT preservatives.
Small beads of vitamin E melt on the skin during the shower.
Both Cassandra and I (Jeff) loved this shower wash (yes, we don't care about the products we like).
This shower jelly neutralizes free radicals and protects your skin from external toxins, it washes intensely leaving skin soft and fresh. Its fragrance recalls Caudalie's Tea of the Vines.
I intend to buy it in large format, with pump bottle (Bodysol Gel Shower Purifying Detox 500ml) always on the same eshop since satisfied with the price, the speed and the wide choice offered.

Tell us YOUR cosmetics of the moment!

Jeff And Cassandra

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