test bench of 2 Gel Moss Darphin face cleansing to plants

Darphin is one of the brands of the Estée Lauder group that I love: their natural smells and components from plants, flowers smell so good! And their wealth of essential oils make them decisive beauty treatments.
As you saw on the Instagram blog (which can detect our future beauty test) I bought a mask and 2 face wash foam gel.
Let's review these two foaming products sold for 19 degrees: their benefits, the composition and what we appreciated less about these face cleansers.

What's your opinion on Darphin liquorice-purifying foam gel?

I am Anaïs and I have mixed skin: sensitive on the cheeks and with a forehead that shines, a nose with wide pores.
Presented in a 125ml clamshell tube it delivers a very dense gel, which makes it easy to dose without losing: the cleaning product does not slip between the fingers and a small hazelnut is enough.
Composed of 3 washing agents, I appreciated the many natural active ingredients of the composition: laminar seaweed, copper, Phlorogine®, Tree with cork of Love Oubaku and Reglisse. This gel contains perfume, but a natural fragrance from essential oils: Rose and Bay Saint Thomas Essential Oils with Muscat Rose and Onagre Oils.
On the other hand the preservative used makes me tick, it is one of those that I generally avoid.

This Darphin washing gel is suitable for oily skin, mixed skin and also acne skin.
Thus the skin comes out clean after a week of use, purer and slightly less oily.
What's nice about Darphin's facial cleanser? unlike the usual oily skin washers, this one does not dry out at all. AND that's good because a washing machine too dry causes a fat infernal cycle – buttons — dry skin — production of more sebum — even fatter etc…
Here with this Darphin cleanser, the skin regulates itself, ceases to be irritated because it is respected.
I quickly regain a soft skin while I had mixed skin with oily areas.

What beauty review on Darphin's Cleansing Foam Gel?

I am Jeff, creator of this beauty blog and I have atopic sensitive dry skin.
The gelled texture emulsions perfectly with water and forms a pleasant foam to spread on your face neck.
The smell is fresh and vegetal, sweet.
I feel, when used, that this face cleanser is enriched with lipids and natural ingredients: the skin does not pull at all and gains comfort.
The skin is well cleaned and the Darphin water lily foam gel makes me feel like I've made a mask for plants thanks to its rich composition of Extracts of Nenuphar, Épine-Vinette and Polygala, Panthenol, Biosaccharide (Glycofilm), derived from Coco and Sunflower fatty acids.
Here's a cleaner who does his job perfectly and keeps his promise.
I tried it used alone and also with my Sonic brush from Clinique. Both are convincing.
This cleansing gel is suitable for normal-skinned, sensitive-skinned and dry-skinned women and men.

To conclude: what opinion on Darphin face cleansers?

    • Compositions really rich in plant and natural assets.
    A respect for the skin, a cleansing without assaulting.
    A dense gel formulation: the bottle will last a long time.
    Uniquely scented notes so pleasant.
    The only axis of progress: an unappreciated curator (MIT).

Darphin offers cosmetics that are really rich in plant extracts and essential oils, face treatments that are naturally scented and that do not disappoint.
With these 2 flat face cleansers we felt like we were bringing the Beauty Institute spirit into our bathroom.
What I also like about this brand of high-performance care: their customer service always listening, whether for personalized advice or to collect opinions and evolve their range.

If you follow us on Insta, you know that we have already adopted their oil serums as well as other facials. They will be the subject of other beauty test articles on this blog soon.

Anaïs and Jeff

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