Reviews of 8 cosmetics: Top and Flop of the beauty blog

07This change of season means change of routine care for my skin, but also sorting in empty tubes and pots. The opportunity to share with you my Cosmetic Top and those who have not kept their promise.

A series of scrubs, washing face, beauty mask, day care, night cream that I intend to buy back and those that will disappear from my bathroom: Le Petit Marseillais, Clarins, Kiehl's, Novexpert, Origins, oOlution etc…

Supermarket facials, luxury treatments and natural creams… for all budgets.

Check out my review of 8 cosmetics in my beauty kit:

Cleanser: Ultra Facial Cleanser KIEHL'S
10th 75ml / 20th 150ml in a clamshell tube
Very soft but effective MIT-free cleanser, consisting of a classic lavant (sodium laureth sulfate) along with other sugar-derived soft washes, 6 moisturizing active ingredients and a tiny bit of apricot kernel oil and avocado to ensure respected skin. The natural film of the skin is cleaned only softness, without unbalanced it.
Moss well and washes well, gives a clean skin without pulling and without disturbance.
Suitable for women, men and teenagers. For normal skin, dehydrated skin, dry skin, mixed or oily skin.
Despite a long ingredient list, I have no reaction on my sensitive and atopic skin.
Verdict: TOP I buy it often.

Cleansing: fresh rose rejuvenating treatment – micellar gel cleaning THE PETIT MARSEILLAIS
5- 150ml in a clamshell tube
Promise of cleansing does softness with rose floral water, and a soft skin rejuvenated.
Composed of glycerin as the main ingredient, a classic washing (sodium laureth sulfate) with a tiny bit of rose water afterwards.
Smells fresh, floral and slightly pink.
Mouse abundantly with fine bubbles, lava intensely and stings the eyes if you get too close.
A little rough for my skin, lack of softness and I did not feel the "micellary" effect expected.
As for the Rose highlighted … it is anecdotal in quantity.
Designed for normal skin, I don't recommend this face cleanser.
Verdict: FLOP

Cleanser: Gentle Angel face cleansing gel oOlution
25 125ml in a clamshell tube
Face cleansing gel without sulphates (non-foaming) to 25 plants. 100% organic and natural, without chemical preservatives and detergents, or endocrine disruptors. Lava from sunflower coconut olive oils, corn starch and sugars.
Surprising because not mouse and even massaging on wet face, no special effect. Rinses moderately well, it is necessary to insist. This em cleanser looks like a make-up remover milk: ultra soft and respectful, without bubbles but which requires a lotion once rinsed.
Aimed primarily at oily or acne skin, it has the advantage of not over-irritating because without active tensio. But often when you have oily skin, you mistreat your peua and the wrong one.
I used it 1 week then zapped it, it is not bad but does not bring me much. In the non-foaming style I prefer the Intral cleansing milk from Darphin or Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser from Kiehl's.
Verdict: FLOP because not for my skin and not convinced to have a "clean" face. Given the price I do not buy.

Scrub: NOVEXPERT biotic hydro soft scrub
14 per 60ml in a valve tube.
Here is a silky and creamy scrub with a velvet effect.
Not drying – non-irritating – non-foaming.
It is perfect that you have oily, sensitive or normal skin so it respects the skin. Massage in slow circular gestures, without traumatizing your skin!
It can also be used on lips that peel and is suitable for sensitive skin.
Verdict: TOP

Moisturizing: pure water face cream from Provence SAINTE VICTOIRE
23 euros per 50ml in screw tube
Organic anti-age cream with a dream story (Provence, Lavender, Montage …).
Dense texture that spreads very easily on al skin, then comes a fresh smell menthol / fir not really feminine (and no smell of Lavender).
After a few seconds the cream does not fit in am skin, it forms a shiny surface film and the water evaporates. I have to tap a tissue because I shine too much.
I do not have the promised comfort or hydration, the texture is poorly worked.
Verdict: Total FLOP!

Moisturizer: Ultra Facial Cream by KIEHLS
16th 30ml / 28 50ml / 52 125ml
A white plastic pot not really pretty with a long text on 6 lines in English …
A white gel-cream composed of glycerin, urea (hydration) and protective softening squalane, organosilicones for a silky texture, vegetable oils (brown rice, olive, apricot, avocado, almond) in good quantity. A little vegetable hyaluronic acid.
Pleasant neutral fragrance and texture that breaks on the skin: moisturizes really well and forms a discreet film on the surface to protect the skin from the cold, the wind, the outside. This treatment will appeal to sensitive skin, normal skin as well as dry skin.
The hydration is really good, this cream keeps its promises. I also tested with a serum underneath, compatibility is good without fluffing.
To be used in moisturizing cure, enter two cures (anti age or shine for example).
Verdict: a basic TOP that I buy back twice a year.

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Mask: Clear improvement ORIGINS Coal Purifying Mask
25- 100ml transparent clamshell tube
A mask purifying with kaolin, bentonite and with a little activated charcoal … but also active floral waters.
I use it on the nose and areas with apparent pore.
Even on my sensitive atopic and sometimes dry skin this mask does wonders without irritating.
Smell of essential oils of Clou de Girofle, Rosemary and Green Mint with purifying properties.
Used after a gentle scrub, the skin gains no sharpness and the complexion is unified. The pores are rid of excess sebum. All that remains is to switch uen lotion to AHA or acid to complete the cleaning of pores. Or a softening lotion depending on your skin type.
He helped me well following the use of cosmetics and masks too loaded with low-end silicones.
Verdict; TOP occasionally for dry skin and once a week for others. Will please the men.

Mask: SOS Comfort Mask Baume CLARINS
$39 per 75ml
A new Clarins mask, which promises comfort and mango butter. A dense creamy butter texture that holds well in place on the face. Leave on for only 10 minutes.
I tried it 3 times and did not see the slightest difference e term of comfort or intake for dry skin. Pretty disappointed bury the promises and reality. Plus my skin lacks hydration with this mask. By observing al composition, I better understand the lack of effectiveness.

I love the old versions of Clarins masks so much!
Verdict: FLOP all the more given the price


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