Is the Luxéol hair removal spray effective?

Losing hair is normal, but sometimes hair loss becomes unusual: the number of hair that falls out more, the area of the skull that balds, thinner hair and falls out… I tested the Luxéol anti-stick spray for a few weeks and we'll see its composition, its assets, its benefits and what it does. Basically, is this Luxéol anti-stick spray effecti
ve? I should point out that I have fine hair and a greater loss when I return to the City after a stay or a vacation in the great outd
oors. This great holiday return is the perfect time to try this hair spra
y The product is offered to me by Hivency and Luxéol, but my writing and my opinion are perfectly free, as always.

l luxeol hair removal spray solution.
l luxeol hair removal spray solution.

What's in Leuxeol's hair spray?

  • Glycerin, an agent that retains water for hair and a well hydrated scalp.
  • Sea cabbage / Maritime Crambe, with a double effect. Leaves hair easy to style, soft and adds volume. Limits the harmful effects of external factors on the skin.
  • Panthenol / ProVitamine B5, able to penetrate the cuticle and hair shaft to inflate the hair. The soothing effect of the reputed scalp and the factor of hair growth.
  • Pelvetia seaweed, boosts hair growth (according to some studies increases the amount of hair by up to 10% and 27% the growth).
  • Extracted from Pea Germ, reduces hair loss by activating the cells of the dermal papilla to reactivate hair growth (Active source of Mibelle Biochemistry).
  • Hyaluronic acid, surface shape effect for hair and maintains hydration.
  • Arnica Montana, a soothing natural active ingredient to calm the irritations and inflammatory phenomena of micro-vessels.
  • Essential oils, for pleasure but also to activate the composition.
  • Salicylic acid and Citric acid, to keep a ph suitable for hair and skin (our skin is acidic and hates cosmetics at basic ph).

What is your opinion on the ingredients of the fall spray?

I am satisfied with the richness of the composition: really concentrated do active and assets with confirmed reputation.
This changes from the many anti-fall cosmetics based on… Otangoustan dwarf water lily picked by young virgins at sunrise every 23 September of the bisextile year … Marketing and without proven foundation.

How do I use this Luxéol anti-stick lotion?

The bottle holds well and the spray delivers a good dose of lotion, on the other hand the lotion being quite rich it is not possible for me to use it directly on the hair.
Its texture is too heavy to get a micro-scattering, so I do pschitt in the palm of the hand morning and evening on dry hairO
n the time the active anti-hair loss lotion in the hand, we pass the hand in the hair, first at the roots, then as if we were styling. In
record time, the lotion is absorbed by the scalp and hair and no greasy film persists. This ha
ir-proof lotion penetrates well and curves the hair well. Sim
ilarly on the scalp I have no negative impression. No
intense smell, on the contrary a light scent of Cananga that is perfectly compatible with your daily perfume.

External use only. Avoid eye contact. Product reserved for adults. Do not use in children 3 years of age or younger. Keep children out of reach. Do not use in pregnant or lactating women. Keep away from the heat.

anti-hair effective l luxeol spray
stronger, healthier, denser and less brittling hair.

How effective after testing of Luxéol anichute spray lotion?

The packaging displeased me with a great "works in 100% of cases" that would prevent me fro

m buying this product. From the first use I get significantly softer hair and a regaled hair fiber, their volu
me is improved. On the scalp the appeasement is appreciable (I react strongly to

many shampoos). After 2 weeks of use, the scalp is soothed.
My hair is easy to style, softened and noticeably brighter. As
for hair loss (I remind you I have these falls when I return to the City): I feel that the fall is significantly reduced. This encourag
es me to continue the bottle entirely, even if in the end I only use it in the morning. I

appreciate seeing my fine hair regain a certain volume.
They are well hydrated without the need to make a mas

k. I intend to continue using this fall spray because it allows beautiful hair quickly. It will replace my usual styling product
. I recommend this spray in case of spot hair loss, nascent baldness or hair that whitens or even weakened hair. This

spray makes hair stronger, healthier, denser and less brittling. I invit

e you to read my article on Luxéol hair growth hair rejuvenate capsules also.

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